All in the Family- Or is it?
HudsonAlpha Institute
HA-06  |  
Using the HNPCC® kit, students will examine the role of inherited mutations and environmental factors. They will use a family medical history to create a pedigree and select likely candidates for genetic testing and identify family members carrying the cancer-linked mutation with gel electrophoresis.
Grades: 9-12 Length of course: 2.5 hours
Branching Out
Huntsville Botanical Garden (Closed Until Further Notice)
BG-05  |  
Trees are what it’s all about in this program that gets your students investigating these important resources. We’ll teach your students how to classify trees, explain the different parts of a tree and how they all work together, the interdependence of trees and animals, and look for the different ways that trees can be damaged.
Length of course: 2 hours Grades: 2-4
Burritt and His "Green" Home
Burritt on the Mountain (closed Mar 17-Apr 3)
B-01  |  
Dr. Burritt was ahead of his time. His home has many features unique to his day. The wheat straw bale insulation he used is recommended for green buildings today. Even the shape of the house is unique. Learn about the myths of snakes in the walls and dragons in the dining room. Take a tour of the historic park buildings to see how settlers of the past designed structures to take advantage of solar heat and wind power.
Length of Course: 1-1/2 hours Grades: 4-12
Butterflies and Bugs
Huntsville Botanical Garden (Closed Until Further Notice)
BG-01  |  
From caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly, your students will thrill at investigating the life cycle of the butterfly in the nation’s largest open-air seasonal butterfly house! The students will be immersed in a total body experience as they come face to face with thousands of native butterflies, tadpoles, frogs, tree frogs, turtles, button quail and other critters living in the waterfall, ponds, streams and lush vegetation of the Nature Center. Located right outside the Nature Center is the two-acre Children’s Garden which is actually eight gardens in one!
Length of Course: 2 hours Grades: K-4
Civil War Encampment
Historic Huntsville Depot (closed until Apr 7)
EW-04  |  
The students will discuss and analyze the culture and lives of people living during the 1860s in the South: weather, hardships, daily life, dangers, responsibilities, etc. They will develop map and globe skills by locating features associated with the Civil War; use cardinal and intermediate directions to describe routes used in the war; locate and identify states in the Confederacy and Union. Lasting cultural influences of the Civil War will be explored.
Length of Course: 2 hours
Cytogeneticist for the Day
HudsonAlpha Institute
HA-04  |  
Taking on the role of a cytogeneticist, students will examine patient samples for chromosomal anomalies and learn how karyotypes are produced. Using HudsonAlpha’s Disorder Detectives® kit, students will also work through one of 15 patient case studies to create a karyotype.
Grades: 9-12 Length of course: 1.5 hours
Exploring Enzymes
HudsonAlpha Institute
HA-01  |  
In this investigative activity, students will learn about enzyme specificity, discuss the role of enzymatic reactions during digestion of a fast food meal, evaluate several enzymes used in the production of apple juice and even create their own cheeses using enzymes produced by biotechnology.
Grades: 6-8 Length of course: 1.5 hours
Extreme Extraction
HudsonAlpha Institute
HA-05  |  
Extracting DNA is a favorite activity for many students and teachers and this experience takes it to the next level. Students will create their own solutions with common household items to extract DNA from one of a variety of food items, while learning how cell structure impacts the process and the reasons why scientists extract DNA.
Grades: 9-12 Length of Course: 1.5 hours
Fantastic Foliage
Huntsville Botanical Garden (Closed Until Further Notice)
BG-03  |  
Discover the beauty of fall as a guide takes you through an autumn adventure. Your students will investigate why leaves don’t absorb water, discover why leaves change color, find out how boring their food would be without herbs and make a colorful leaf collage to take back to the classroom.
Length of course: 2 hours Grades: K-2
Garden Hunt
Huntsville Botanical Garden (Closed Until Further Notice)
BG-02  |  
Using scientific inquiry, your students will learn why gardens are important to animals and animals are important to gardens. Students will also go on a hunt looking for signs of the often nocturnal creatures that call the outdoors home.
Length of tour: 75 minutes Grades: K-1
Genes & Consequences
HudsonAlpha Institute
HA-08  |  
This computer-based activity will allow students to dive into the Central Dogma and gain experience with DNA sequencing, while looking at how changes in regions of DNA can cause disease. Using one of 15 case studies, students will practice DNA base pairing, transcription and translation, and also create protein folding models to discuss how changes in amino acid sequence may impact protein function.
Grades: 9-12 length of course: 5 hours Box lunch from Hudson Alpha Bistro is available.
Genome Cache
HudsonAlpha Institute
HA-09  |  
Using the double helix sidewalks of McMillian Park, students will go on a scavenger hunt to investigate nearly 200 genetic points of interest along a Genome Walk®. Students will use the Genome Cache app to answer trivia questions that will provide them with the next clue.
Grades: 6-12 Length of course: 1 hour
Great History Sleepover
Historic Huntsville Depot (closed until Apr 7)
EW-02  |  
Built in 1860, the Huntsville Depot provides the perfect spot for a great History Sleepover! The Sleepover begins at 6 p.m. and ends at 11 a.m. the next day. Students will hear ghost stories as they roast marshmallows; join the Depot Brigade and march to the beat of a drum; discover actual graffiti left by Civil War soldiers and experience the life of a Civil War soldier – cooking, supplies, even medical attention!
Length of Course: Overnight on site
How in the World
Burritt on the Mountain (closed Mar 17-Apr 3)
B-05  |  
How did the people of the past get to North Alabama? Where did they come from? Learn about orienteering, cardinal directions and mapping as you trek across Burritt on the Mountain. You will have the opportunity to participate in a scavenger hunt as you use the compass to navigate through the park. Limit 25 students or must be combined with another activity.
Grades: 4-8
International Space Station Payload Operations Integration Center
NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center
N-01  |  
The Payload Operations Integration Center is responsible for NASA’s on board science operations for the International Space Station (ISS), and is in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the Marshall Space Flight Center. The Payload Operations Center communicates with the astronauts on board the ISS on a daily basis and can remotely operate on-board science and technology experiments. There is a viewing area at Marshall where visitors can observe the control room operations. The Center also develops plans each day to help crewmembers make the best use of their time and resources on board, so they can accomplish their important research related to life science, fluid physics and materials science. Human life sciences experiments conducted on board the ISS are particularly critical to NASA’s preparations for future human space travel.
Length of tour: 30 minutes
Investigating the Genetics of Cancer
HudsonAlpha Institute
HA-07  |  
Students will examine the genetic roots of cancer, compare hereditary and non-hereditary cancers and use the HNPCC® kit to trace a cancer-related mutation through a family. Using gel electrophoresis, students will identify family members carrying the cancer-linked mutation and discuss ethical challenges related to genetic testing.
Grades: 9-12 Length of course: 5 hours Box lunch available by the Hudson Alpha Bistro.
Kitchen DNA with a Twist of Inquiry
HudsonAlpha Institute
HA-02  |  
Students will extract DNA from strawberries, learning how cell structure impacts the extraction process, and will create their own solutions using common household items to extract DNA from one of a variety of food items.
Grades: 6-8 Length of course: 1.5 hours
U.S. Space & Rocket Center (closed through May 22)
SR-03  |  
Pathfinder is a condensed version of the weeklong Space Camp® program. It focuses on math, science and space mission training. Pathfinder is a two-night, structured, educational adventure which includes a full history of the space program, astronaut simulators, a simulated shuttle mission, model rocket construction and launch and a Spacedome IMAX movie. The program concludes with a graduation ceremony for the trainees. Groups have the option of attending Monday to Wednesday, Wednesday to Friday, or Friday to Sunday.
Grades 4-8, Aviation track also available. Length of Course: 2 nights
Seeds Everywhere
Huntsville Botanical Garden (Closed Until Further Notice)
BG-04  |  
Exploding seedpods, rolling gumballs and whirly-twirly helicopters! Bet your students didn’t realize that engineering started with Mother Nature. Sign your class up to discover the physics behind seeds and nuts; they’ll have a blast!
Length of course: 1½ hours Grades: K-3
Space Camp® & Aviation Challenge®
U.S. Space & Rocket Center (closed through May 22)
SR-04  |  
Trainees attending Space Camp and Aviation Challenge engage in simulated astronaut and fighter pilot training to learn leadership skills, teamwork, problem-solving and decision-making. Space Camp trainees put their skills to the test as they train to live and work in space and take command of their own simulated space shuttle missions. Aviation Challenge trainees spend an exciting and educational week in the great outdoors training like military fighter pilots as they plan missions and fly high-performance jet simulators. Come experience the ultimate classroom! This program runs Sunday through Friday. A robotics program is also available. High school program is college accredited.
Grades 4-12 Length of Course: 5 days
U.S. Space & Rocket Center (closed through May 22)
SR-02  |  
Surveyor is an introduction into the makings of the space program. It is a great way for larger groups to experience the excitement of spaceflight’s history. Surveyor is a one-night, structured, educational adventure which includes a guided tour of the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, hands-on science activities, a STEM lab, astronaut simulators and other space-based activities. Students tour the Rocket Park, watch a Spacedome IMAX movie and experience some of the forces of spaceflight with our museum simulators. Check-in dates are Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday.
Grades 3-8 Length of Course: 1 night
Ultimate Field Trip
U.S. Space & Rocket Center (closed through May 22)
SR-01  |  
The Ultimate Field Trip is a directed learning experience for students. The program includes a guided tour of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center® museum, interactive presentations and demonstrations about life on the International Space Station, a Spacedome® IMAX movie, simulators, and hands-on group activity. The NEW Math Exploration Ultimate Field Trip adds skills-based activities that bring mathematics to life by connecting our amazing collection of space hardware and artifacts to math skills that demonstrate applications beyond classroom walls. Math Exploration UFT correlates to nationally-accepted mathematics standards for Grades 3-8 and algebra.
Length of Course: Approximately 4 hours (including movie and box lunch)
What is Biotechnology?
HudsonAlpha Institute
HA-03  |  
Students will use a web-based timeline to investigate key events in the history of biotechnology. In addition, they will examine and use biotechnology tools and learn about modern biotechnology applications.
Grades: 6-8 Length of course: 1.5 hours
Wild Wonderful World of Animals
Burritt on the Mountain (closed Mar 17-Apr 3)
B-04  |  
Burritt offers animal studies including domestic, wildlife and urban wildlife. Learn the differences and similarities between these types of animals. You will have the opportunity to visit the habitat of a variety of animals as you hike the trails, travel through the barnyard and observe our pets.
Grades: 4-8

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