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The HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology is a nonprofit genome research institute in Huntsville, Alabama. Located in Cummings Research Park , the 152-acre campus is home to some of the world's leading scientists, entrepreneurs and educators that are passionately exploring the knowledge and possibilities of genomics to improve human, plant and animal life. The fields of biotechnology and genetics are continuously growing, and Educational Outreach at HudsonAlpha seeks to prepare the future science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) workforce through hands-on, lab-based field trips that engage students in scientific thinking and put high-tech biotechnology tools in their hands.


All in the Family- Or is it?
HudsonAlpha Institute
HA-06  |  
Using the HNPCC® kit, students will examine the role of inherited mutations and environmental factors. They will use a family medical history to create a pedigree and select likely candidates for genetic testing and identify family members carrying the cancer-linked mutation with gel electrophoresis.
Grades: 9-12 Length of course: 2.5 hours
Cytogeneticist for the Day
HudsonAlpha Institute
HA-04  |  
Taking on the role of a cytogeneticist, students will examine patient samples for chromosomal anomalies and learn how karyotypes are produced. Using HudsonAlpha’s Disorder Detectives® kit, students will also work through one of 15 patient case studies to create a karyotype.
Grades: 9-12 Length of course: 1.5 hours
Exploring Enzymes
HudsonAlpha Institute
HA-01  |  
In this investigative activity, students will learn about enzyme specificity, discuss the role of enzymatic reactions during digestion of a fast food meal, evaluate several enzymes used in the production of apple juice and even create their own cheeses using enzymes produced by biotechnology.
Grades: 6-8 Length of course: 1.5 hours
Extreme Extraction
HudsonAlpha Institute
HA-05  |  
Extracting DNA is a favorite activity for many students and teachers and this experience takes it to the next level. Students will create their own solutions with common household items to extract DNA from one of a variety of food items, while learning how cell structure impacts the process and the reasons why scientists extract DNA.
Grades: 9-12 Length of Course: 1.5 hours
Genes & Consequences
HudsonAlpha Institute
HA-08  |  
This computer-based activity will allow students to dive into the Central Dogma and gain experience with DNA sequencing, while looking at how changes in regions of DNA can cause disease. Using one of 15 case studies, students will practice DNA base pairing, transcription and translation, and also create protein folding models to discuss how changes in amino acid sequence may impact protein function.
Grades: 9-12 length of course: 5 hours Box lunch from Hudson Alpha Bistro is available.
Genome Cache
HudsonAlpha Institute
HA-09  |  
Using the double helix sidewalks of McMillian Park, students will go on a scavenger hunt to investigate nearly 200 genetic points of interest along a Genome Walk®. Students will use the Genome Cache app to answer trivia questions that will provide them with the next clue.
Grades: 6-12 Length of course: 1 hour
Investigating the Genetics of Cancer
HudsonAlpha Institute
HA-07  |  
Students will examine the genetic roots of cancer, compare hereditary and non-hereditary cancers and use the HNPCC® kit to trace a cancer-related mutation through a family. Using gel electrophoresis, students will identify family members carrying the cancer-linked mutation and discuss ethical challenges related to genetic testing.
Grades: 9-12 Length of course: 5 hours Box lunch available by the Hudson Alpha Bistro.
Kitchen DNA with a Twist of Inquiry
HudsonAlpha Institute
HA-02  |  
Students will extract DNA from strawberries, learning how cell structure impacts the extraction process, and will create their own solutions using common household items to extract DNA from one of a variety of food items.
Grades: 6-8 Length of course: 1.5 hours
What is Biotechnology?
HudsonAlpha Institute
HA-03  |  
Students will use a web-based timeline to investigate key events in the history of biotechnology. In addition, they will examine and use biotechnology tools and learn about modern biotechnology applications.
Grades: 6-8 Length of course: 1.5 hours

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