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Historic Huntsville Depot
320 Church Street
History unfolds as you step on the grounds of the Huntsville Depot, one of the nation’s oldest railroad structures. Built in 1860, the Depot provides an experience-rich environment for classroom lessons to come to life. Climb aboard locomotives and experience the Civil War. Encounter interactive exhibits, discover fascinating facts and identify important links in history at this amazing site.


Civil War Encampment
Historic Huntsville Depot
EW-04  |  
The students will discuss and analyze the culture and lives of people living during the 1860s in the South: weather, hardships, daily life, dangers, responsibilities, etc. They will develop map and globe skills by locating features associated with the Civil War; use cardinal and intermediate directions to describe routes used in the war; locate and identify states in the Confederacy and Union. Lasting cultural influences of the Civil War will be explored.
Length of Course: 2 hours
Great History Sleepover
Historic Huntsville Depot
EW-02  |  
Built in 1860, the Huntsville Depot provides the perfect spot for a great History Sleepover! The Sleepover begins at 6 p.m. and ends at 11 a.m. the next day. Students will hear ghost stories as they roast marshmallows; join the Depot Brigade and march to the beat of a drum; discover actual graffiti left by Civil War soldiers and experience the life of a Civil War soldier – cooking, supplies, even medical attention!
Length of Course: Overnight on site

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