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Burritt on the Mountain
3101 Burritt Drive
Burritt’s historic park interprets the past by showcasing aspects of farm life from the 19th century, contrasting Alabama Constitution Village’s 19th century urban life. Step back into the lives of southern farmers as you visit historic log structures including the Eddins House ca. 1808, the oldest known man-made dwelling in Alabama. Living history interpreters recreate the diversity of farm life allowing you to become involved through lively conversation, demonstration and hands-on activities. In the Burritt Barnyard, students can get “up close and personal” with animals that would have been used for work, wool and even food for the families.


Burritt and His "Green" Home
Burritt on the Mountain
B-01  |  
Dr. Burritt was ahead of his time. His home has many features unique to his day. The wheat straw bale insulation he used is recommended for green buildings today. Even the shape of the house is unique. Learn about the myths of snakes in the walls and dragons in the dining room. Take a tour of the historic park buildings to see how settlers of the past designed structures to take advantage of solar heat and wind power.
Length of Course: 1-1/2 hours Grades: 4-12
Castles of Cumberland
Burritt on the Mountain
B-02  |  
Visit some early American “castles” of the Cumberland region. These log structures dominated the region’s early rural landscapes. Explore four different styles of cabins and other types of structures. All houses in the historic park are furnished with authentic relics and reproductions.
Length of Course: 1 hour Grades: 4-12
How in the World
Burritt on the Mountain
B-05  |  
How did the people of the past get to North Alabama? Where did they come from? Learn about orienteering, cardinal directions and mapping as you trek across Burritt on the Mountain. You will have the opportunity to participate in a scavenger hunt as you use the compass to navigate through the park. Limit 25 students or must be combined with another activity.
Grades: 4-8
The Underground Railroad
Burritt on the Mountain
B-03  |  
The Underground Railroad had no tracks or train cars, but it moved thousands of slaves from the South to the North. Learn why people traveled on the Underground Railroad and where they went. Students will experience following the helpful clues from one “safe” house to the next. Hear the music from this era as you reenact this real-life adventure with your class. The size limit for this trip is 40 students.
Length of Course: 1-1/2 hours Grades: 4-12
Wild Wonderful World of Animals
Burritt on the Mountain
B-04  |  
Burritt offers animal studies including domestic, wildlife and urban wildlife. Learn the differences and similarities between these types of animals. You will have the opportunity to visit the habitat of a variety of animals as you hike the trails, travel through the barnyard and observe our pets.
Grades: 4-8

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