Butterflies and Bugs
Huntsville Botanical Garden (Closed Until Further Notice)
BG-01  |  
From caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly, your students will thrill at investigating the life cycle of the butterfly in the nation’s largest open-air seasonal butterfly house! The students will be immersed in a total body experience as they come face to face with thousands of native butterflies, tadpoles, frogs, tree frogs, turtles, button quail and other critters living in the waterfall, ponds, streams and lush vegetation of the Nature Center. Located right outside the Nature Center is the two-acre Children’s Garden which is actually eight gardens in one!
Length of Course: 2 hours Grades: K-4
EarlyWorks Children's Museum (closed until Apr 7)
EW-06  |  
Spend the night in an exciting hands-on gallery and join with your team as you solve an ever-changing mystery of historic proportions! Your challenge: you and your teammates must solve a mystery in a search that will take you on an adventure down the river on a keelboat and through a mine explosion, a haunted log cabin and an old general store. The fun and games begin at Camp EarlyWorks after dark!
Length of Course: Overnight
Castles of Cumberland
Burritt on the Mountain (closed Mar 17-Apr 3)
B-02  |  
Visit some early American “castles” of the Cumberland region. These log structures dominated the region’s early rural landscapes. Explore four different styles of cabins and other types of structures. All houses in the historic park are furnished with authentic relics and reproductions.
Length of Course: 1 hour Grades: 4-12
Civil War Encampment
Historic Huntsville Depot (closed until Apr 7)
EW-04  |  
The students will discuss and analyze the culture and lives of people living during the 1860s in the South: weather, hardships, daily life, dangers, responsibilities, etc. They will develop map and globe skills by locating features associated with the Civil War; use cardinal and intermediate directions to describe routes used in the war; locate and identify states in the Confederacy and Union. Lasting cultural influences of the Civil War will be explored.
Length of Course: 2 hours
Folk Life Days
Alabama Constitution Hall Historic Park & Museum (no tours until Apr 7)
EW-05  |  
You’ll love the festival atmosphere at Constitution Village. There will be outdoor concessions, dancing the reel and craft tables for some hands-on fun. Who knows what famous American you might encounter as your class is directed from one craftsman to the next? Perhaps the blacksmith, candle dipper, printer or tinsmith will observe talent in one of your students and request that he/she stay behind as an apprentice!
Length of Course: 2 hours
Great History Sleepover
Historic Huntsville Depot (closed until Apr 7)
EW-02  |  
Built in 1860, the Huntsville Depot provides the perfect spot for a great History Sleepover! The Sleepover begins at 6 p.m. and ends at 11 a.m. the next day. Students will hear ghost stories as they roast marshmallows; join the Depot Brigade and march to the beat of a drum; discover actual graffiti left by Civil War soldiers and experience the life of a Civil War soldier – cooking, supplies, even medical attention!
Length of Course: Overnight on site
Interactive Docent-Led Tour
Huntsville Museum of Art (closed until April 17)
MA-01  |  
Taking a tour with a trained docent enhances the museum experience. A docent encourages students to ask and answer questions about the art on view. Docents provide a great deal of background about the artist, the works and the artistic movement to which the art belongs. By helping the student to observe, compare and interpret, the docent provides students the tools to evaluate art on their own. Groups of ten or more may schedule a docent-led tour with two weeks notice.
Length of Course: 1 hour
Lectures, Gallery Walks
Huntsville Museum of Art (closed until April 17)
MA-02  |  
Many programs are offered by the Huntsville Museum of Art throughout the year. These programs include gallery walks in which students join an artist for a tour of his/her works currently on view in one of the galleries. Often there are slide lectures presented in the Museum’s Great Hall by artists, museum curators, educators, art collectors and art historians to enhance the enjoyment of exhibitions currently on view.
Length of Course: 1 hour
Read and Learn Even More
Huntsville Museum of Art (closed until April 17)
MA-04  |  
Art is accompanied by a label that tells the viewer the artist’s name, the title of the work and the materials used to create the piece. Sometimes an extended text may accompany the label. Its purpose is to provide historical background, define art terms and provide detailed information about the artist. This written information provides the additional opportunity for individual exploration of the galleries at no additional cost. Activity-filled gallery guides are available for specific exhibitions.
Length of Course: Varies according to schedule
The Underground Railroad
Burritt on the Mountain (closed Mar 17-Apr 3)
B-03  |  
The Underground Railroad had no tracks or train cars, but it moved thousands of slaves from the South to the North. Learn why people traveled on the Underground Railroad and where they went. Students will experience following the helpful clues from one “safe” house to the next. Hear the music from this era as you reenact this real-life adventure with your class. The size limit for this trip is 40 students.
Length of Course: 1-1/2 hours Grades: 4-12
Time Travelers Sleepover
EarlyWorks Children's Museum (closed until Apr 7)
EW-01  |  
Huntsville Historic Depot, EarlyWorks, Alabama Constitution Village: Explore the 1800s at our three unique museums. You’ll get a taste of early 19th century life, a feel for the danger of the Underground Railroad and a glimpse at life of the Civil War soldier. Spend the night at a local hotel with dinner and evening activities at the Depot and daytime activities at EarlyWorks and Constitution Village.
Length of Course: 1½ days
Village Living History
Alabama Constitution Hall Historic Park & Museum (no tours until Apr 7)
EW-03  |  
Interpreters make history come alive as they invite students to card cotton, turn the great wheel lathe in the cabinet shop, stoke the fires in the blacksmith shop and dip candles.
Length of Course: 2 hours
Wild Wonderful World of Animals
Burritt on the Mountain (closed Mar 17-Apr 3)
B-04  |  
Burritt offers animal studies including domestic, wildlife and urban wildlife. Learn the differences and similarities between these types of animals. You will have the opportunity to visit the habitat of a variety of animals as you hike the trails, travel through the barnyard and observe our pets.
Grades: 4-8

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